COVID-19 Safety Practices at Capitol Square Dental

We have always had health and cleanliness top of mind, and now with enhanced sanitation practices, NEW equipment that drastically reduces/sterilizes air particulates, and waiting room cleanings after every visitor, we are safer and more sterile than ever!

As a small, family owned and operated private practice we have been fortunate to be able to carry on business with only minor changes to our routines and services to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our sterilization practices remain state-of-the-art with meticulous cleaning and sterilization. Operatories, as always are sanitized between patients.

Our building has reduced entry to appointment only, please no walk-ins at this time. When here for an appointment there are intercoms located at the East Washington Ave. entrance and the visitor parking elevator doors. The parking ramp is open and we are able to validate it. If you wish to avoid using the elevators, there is usually street parking available out front along E. Washington Ave. or within a block of the building.

Please try to come as close to your appointment start time as possible. We are trying out best to reduce waiting room traffic, and also need time to clean between patients. You will be given screening questions and have your temperature taken before your appointment. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4°F (unrelated to dental infection) will be asked to reschedule out at least 14 days.

Our building, the US Bank Plaza, has upgraded it’s air-filtration to Bi-Polar ionization, and we have added UV light sterilization and new air sanitization equipment for the safety of staff and patients.

We bought a Vector Vortex Extra-Oral suction device that uses high volume Extra-Oral suction to capture, contain, clean, sterilize and kill dental aerosols, creating a safer environment for Dentist, Hygienist, Staff and patients.

The operatories are equipped with a best-in-class Rocky Mountain air purifier containing a seven-stage filtration system. Dust pre-filter, true HEPA, advanced carbon, ionization, advanced photo-catalytic filter, Ultra-violet, and ozone. Rated for nearly twice the square footage of our office, it cleans the air in our entire office about every 15 minutes.

If you or a household member are higher risk for COVID-19 complications and would like additional accommodations, please reach out and we will be happy to work with you to find a solution that keeps everyone as safe as possible.