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Let Crowns Restore Your Smile

Find out how a simple dental crown could be all you need to improve the health of a tooth.

Don’t let a damaged, weakened or severely malformed tooth dictate how the rest of your smile looks. We know dental crownsthat no matter how beautiful or healthy your other teeth look, you’ll still only notice the one flawed tooth. But instead of being embarrassed by your smile, our Madison, WI, dentist, Dr. Scott Sanderson, may be able to help with dental crowns.

This tooth-shaped cap is designed to fit completely over your tooth to protect it from further damage or to improve its appearance. In most cases, our Madison cosmetic dentist will recommend getting a dental crown if your tooth is fractured or broken. A tooth that has been weakened by severe decay, trauma or infection will also need to be properly treated. Once the decay and/or infection have been removed, we will cement the tailor-made crown over your tooth.

Of course, a dental crown can also be used to cosmetically enhance a tooth that is severely misshapen, malformed or discolored. And, of course, some patients choose to get dental veneers to improve the appearance of a tooth, but if your tooth’s structure is weak, a dental crown may protect your natural tooth better than veneers can.

A dental crown can also be used to support a dental bridge, which is designed to replace one or more teeth in a row. This restoration is also placed over single-tooth dental implants to replace a missing tooth. As you can see, dental crowns are very versatile.

Before you get dental crowns we will need to prepare the tooth. This might mean removing decay or going inside the tooth to remove an infected dental pulp (known as root canal therapy). We will also need to file down a significant amount of tooth enamel so that the crown can fit perfectly over the tooth.

Since all crowns are specifically made to fit a patient’s mouth, we will need to take impressions of your teeth so that a dental lab has the exact measurements they need to make the crown. Once the crown is complete, you will come back in for a fitting and have the crown cemented into place.

Do you have questions about dental crowns? Are you ready to find out if this restoration is right for you? Then call Capitol Square Dental in Madison, WI, today.

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