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March 06, 2017
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The dramatic results from veneers will be a welcome surprise.veneers

Wouldn't it be great if your dentist could wave a magic wand and whisk away all of your cosmetic dental flaws? Stains, crookedness and damage would just disappear! While it's not quite that simple, it can be that effective with porcelain veneers. At Capitol Square Dental in Madison, WI, Dr. Scott Sanderson uses his skills and experience to improve your smile with these amazing cosmetic restorations. Learn more about veneers in this post:

How do veneers work?

To update the look of your home, a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. This is the basic concept behind veneers from your Madison dentist. A wafer-thin section of translucent porcelain is custom made for each of your visible teeth and permanently bonded to the front. When finished, your teeth have a flawless but realistic new look. Veneers typically last ten years or more before needing replacement.

What do veneers fix?

As your Madison dentist will tell you, veneers are an extremely versatile restoration. They cover up a myriad of cosmetic dental issues. When stains and other discolorations are resistant to whitening, veneers mask those conspicuous problems. Damage like chips and cracks are easily covered, as well as edges that are worn down or misshapen. Many alignment issues like gaps or crowding don't need braces; they can also be concealed with veneers.

To find out if veneers are right for you, you'll need to schedule an evaluation with our dentist, Dr. Sanderson. You'll discuss your goals and learn more about the procedure. Why wait? Give yourself the gift of a beautiful new smile this year with veneers by contacting Capitol Square Dental to make a consultation appointment today!

By Capitol Square Dental
January 17, 2017
Category: Dental Care

Find out how a simple dental crown could be all you need to improve the health of a tooth.

Don’t let a damaged, weakened or severely malformed tooth dictate how the rest of your smile looks. We know dental crownsthat no matter how beautiful or healthy your other teeth look, you’ll still only notice the one flawed tooth. But instead of being embarrassed by your smile, our Madison, WI, dentist, Dr. Scott Sanderson, may be able to help with dental crowns.

This tooth-shaped cap is designed to fit completely over your tooth to protect it from further damage or to improve its appearance. In most cases, our Madison cosmetic dentist will recommend getting a dental crown if your tooth is fractured or broken. A tooth that has been weakened by severe decay, trauma or infection will also need to be properly treated. Once the decay and/or infection have been removed, we will cement the tailor-made crown over your tooth.

Of course, a dental crown can also be used to cosmetically enhance a tooth that is severely misshapen, malformed or discolored. And, of course, some patients choose to get dental veneers to improve the appearance of a tooth, but if your tooth’s structure is weak, a dental crown may protect your natural tooth better than veneers can.

A dental crown can also be used to support a dental bridge, which is designed to replace one or more teeth in a row. This restoration is also placed over single-tooth dental implants to replace a missing tooth. As you can see, dental crowns are very versatile.

Before you get dental crowns we will need to prepare the tooth. This might mean removing decay or going inside the tooth to remove an infected dental pulp (known as root canal therapy). We will also need to file down a significant amount of tooth enamel so that the crown can fit perfectly over the tooth.

Since all crowns are specifically made to fit a patient’s mouth, we will need to take impressions of your teeth so that a dental lab has the exact measurements they need to make the crown. Once the crown is complete, you will come back in for a fitting and have the crown cemented into place.

Do you have questions about dental crowns? Are you ready to find out if this restoration is right for you? Then call Capitol Square Dental in Madison, WI, today.

By Capitol Square Dental
November 11, 2016
Category: Dental Care

Tooth loss can be devastating. How dental implants from your dentist in Madison can restore your smile.

Dental implants are changing the way people replace their missing teeth for life. While dentures and bridges are dental implantsstill very much a viable option for our patients, our Madison, WI dentist, Dr. Scott Sanderson, is also happy to offer dental implant as a way to replace missing teeth for many decades. How? You are about to find out.

A dental implant is made to replace your missing tooth’s roots. They even function in the very same way. The implant is placed into the jawbone and after several months bonds with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration. Of course, implants are also right for patients who need to replace multiple teeth. In fact, denture wearers who aren’t satisfied with the way their dentures feel or fit can opt for dental implants instead.

Dental implants can be used to support partial and full dentures, so you no longer have to stress out about your artificial teeth moving around in your mouth when you are trying to enjoy dinner or while speaking to a friend. These issues can be embarrassing, but dental implants can make all of these denture problems a thing of the past.

Dental implants can be an ideal treatment for many candidates suffering from tooth loss. Of course, you will need to come in for a visit so we can make sure that your mouth is healthy enough for this treatment. Non-smoking adults who have good oral and general health are usually the best candidates for dental implants.

Capitol Square Dental is here to treat your tooth loss in Madison, WI. If you are looking for quality dental care you can trust, give us a call today to schedule your consultation. Find out if dental implants are right for you.

August 22, 2016
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Brighten Your Smile with Teeth Whitening

Dingy teeth can keep your smile from shining its brightest, so why not change that?  Don’t keep your pearly whites under wraps.  Whiten your smile with help from your dentist in Madison at Capitol Square Dental.  Nothing freshens up your appearance like a whiter, brighter smile.  
Teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment used to change the color of natural tooth enamel and is an ideal way to enhance the beauty of your smile.  Since having a whiter smile has now become the number one aesthetic concern for most patients, there are a number of ways to whiten your teeth this season.  
Almost anyone can benefit from teeth whitening.  However, there are some cases where the treatment may not be effective.  Your dentist in Madison will determine if you are a viable candidate for the whitening process through a thorough oral examination and diagnosis.  Teeth whitening is ideal for patients who have healthy, unrestored teeth and would like to have a whiter, brighter smile.  
If you are looking for a way to whiten your discolored smile, it is always safer and more effective to choose a professional teeth whitening system under the direction of your Madison dentist.  Contact your dentist in Madison today, to make an appointment and to see if you are a candidate for whitening.  
August 22, 2016
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